Overview & Solutions

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  • Opportunity: Over 6 million scientists in Life Science labs around the world. (Source: AAAS; UNESCO)
  • Costs $1.8B to bring new drug to market
Pharmaceutical research, healthcare providers, & business operations rely on paper documentation

This Causes: disconnect between information islands

  • No method of tracking work
  • Productivity suffers
  • Increased costs
  • Time-to-market increases
Research Today: Scientists use a combination of the following to maintain their research and present their findings:
  • Paper notes
  • Lab notebooks
  • MS Office
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • Posters


Visual Assay resolves many challenges faced in laboratory research, including:
  • Poor data reproducibility and quality control; Keeping auditable records of experimental data
  • Keeping records together; Linking data with the experiment performed in real time
  • Lost productivity due to poor record keeping, lost data; (experiments stored on paper, notebooks, napkins, etc….)
  • Silos within and between laboratories and collaborators
  • Lost IP opportunities due to bad record keeping and data integrity
  • No real-time tracking of research studies and work performed


Visual Assay is enterprise software that enables your team to work simultaneously on a tablet, laptop, or desktop. It is:
  • Icon-based; Calls for virtually no typing; Removes need for translation; Crosses language and geographic barriers
  • Cloud-based or server-supported SaaS; Synchs data as its captured in secure, encrypted files
  • Customizable and portable; Fosters easy documentation and traceability
  • Searchable; Allows direct comparison of experiments from day-to-day from lot number of reagents to assay performance
  • Seamlessly creates auditable records of experiments and experimental data allowing for better quality control